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The Photo Mix - Volume One

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The Photo Mix - Volume One

All photos come with Easy Trace Line Art

100 Superb Mixed Photos plus Easy Trace Line Art

100 Superb Mixed Photos plus Easy Trace Line Art

95 photos + 5 bonus photos taken from my increasingly popular “Free Photo Friday collection”. A great, varied selection of 100 photos taken from my popular “Free Photo Friday collection”,. If you have missed any photos over the months this is your chance to get the full set on download or CD.

The mix includes:

  • Wildlife

  • Birds

  • Reptiles

  • Flowers

  • Landscapes and Seascapes


Payment Options

All Images are in JPEG format – opened file sizes are nice and Large. 2000 pixels either wide or high, great for working from a screen. Exactly what I use for my own paintings.

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British Flora & Fauna

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I could never afford to go to Africa to photograph animals – thanks for generously sharing some of your images to paint from.


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