Birds of Prey Reference Photos

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100 Superb Bird of Prey Photos + Easy Trace Line Art

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120 photos taken from my own personal reference files

Customer Testimonials

Some of the best raptor photos I have seen! – Germany

This is the best CD of the lot! And I have them all! – USA

Not only great birds but also beautiful lighting – France

Eagles / Owls / Falcons, which do I start with? I love them all! –Canada

All Images are in JPEG format – opened file sizes are nice and Large

approx 25 MB and 240 DPI

so they can be printed out very large too! Just Perfect for artists.

Exactly what I use for my own paintings.

Birds of Prey Reference Photos

Birds of Prey pRef Photos – 120 photos

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Birds of Prey Reference Photos “Download”


Birds of Prey – 120 photos “DOWNLOAD”

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